SPACE gallery sketchbook tour

The Sketchbook tour continues in Portland Maine at the SPACE Gallery.   I reunited with my sketchbook and explored many other books once more.
 This book by Jade Chang in Taiwan has been traveling right next to mine while on tour.   It's beautiful!
 So. much. talent.  It almost takes my breath away how much goodness is oozing from these pages.
 Some more of my favorites were from Mette Hornung Rankin of Portland, OR and Mary Anne Lloyd  of Portland, ME.
 Yes, I was having a floppy, humidity overload, mopey hair day.
 While we were at SPACE Gallery I got a text that someone had checkout my book! (we found out later by the staff, that was a first).  Seeing other people looking at my book was exciting and a little scary for a second.  Haley and her mom both made their own book too.
 We stopped for lunch at my favorite veg restaurant Green Elephant.  We even had the same waiter and table as the last time we were there six months ago.
 Panang Curry vegetable with tempeh and Chinese Broccoli with soy fillet was our wonderful lunch. yum, yum and yum!  And a special rare treat of chocolate orange pie for dessert.
 Back to the gallery to see Haley and Mary Jo's sketchbooks our newest sketchbook friends.  Oh so cute!
 My favorite pages from Haley's book.  She is such a doll.
 And from Mary Jo's book...I can feel the magic from this pic.
Gotta love a mama that supports creativity!
 The man behind the genius software of the library and such...Shane.
Other geniuses behind the scenes that make this possible.
                                            So much fun.
Next up for the sketchbooks is Atlanta, GA