Pouli Series

As many of you know I created a series, one for each of my two sisters Crystdo and Cindy Lou.  Well, I've branched out to my Grandpa, Pouli!  He's the patriarch of our big Greek family and he's had a very interesting life.  Now there is no way this little series could capture his whole life, but it offers clips and tid bits of things I remember most about him.  He spent many years working over seas building new power plants.  When I was four years old we all spent Christmas in Egypt to be together while he was working there.

I just mailed Pouli the last drawing (I mail them one at a time for more excitement to build).  So it's safe to share them with everyone now.  I hope you enjoy  :-)


Who inspires you?

CindyLou Series

Last  fall I finished my darling series called 'CindyLou' .  I just realized I hadn't blogged about it yet.  My inspiration came from my younger sister Cindy.  This series was bubbling up ever since Cindy came to visit us when we lived in Lowell, MA back in 2009 and it came to a finish last Fall.  I shipped her one picture at a time (it's more drawn out and dramatic that way).   Visually, I wanted the CindyLou to be along the same lines as the very first series I did for my other little sister Crystal (The Crystdo Series), so they will maybe someday play together on paper.   Most of the inspiration for these are very personal but some are just lighthearted and fun.

'I Heart White Fros'

I'm always trying to get her to release her 'white fro' and let it be free and wild.  It's beautiful.


'Geisha #1'

She has a love for language and especially for Japan.


'Geisha #2'


'Little Indian'


 'Love that Sound'





When asked why she doesn't eat meat she simply replies, "I don't eat my friends".

My husband and I both became vegetarian after her visit.

'I Heart Books'

We spent hours in book stores and libraries on her trip.  Both of us love books.



'The Pack'

'The Outback'

When we were younger and lived in Texas, Cindy (about 5 years old at the time) used to disappear in the field (that we entitled 'The Outback') behind our house and come back with arm fulls of wild flowers.

So that's my CindyLou series.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Sneak peek of my work for Nahcotta's 'Enormous Tiny Art' Show this Fall

Here's a sneek peek of what I've been working on for Nahcotta's Enormous Tiny Art Showhappening this Fall in Portsmouth NH.  I wasn't planning on getting so detailed in these drawings, but that's how they are turning out. super detailed.  I'm only drawing ones that charge me emotionally.

I get to thinking about how these animals have their own little lives and families.  I wonder what they're like? Do they get along? Do they see each other a lot or only on 'special' occasions?

An interested meerkat.
This is Mr Snow Pants.
 I love the bangs on this highland cow.
Any thoughts?

First batch of art for Art-o-mat shipped out!

I worked all weekend and made 50 original watercolor and acrylic paintings, mounted them (on boards that fit the old cigarette machines that they will be coming out of), sealed them with a nice thick gloss, signed, titled and dated each one, wrapped each one with cellophane along with a little note from me about the piece.
 drying with top coat
I think they came out pretty cute!
 the little note attached to the back
 all lined up
Working with these little blocks brought out the kid in me. I couldn't wait to stack them all up just for fun.
All ready for shipping to the Art-O-Mat headquarters where they will find a home in a cool revamped machine and then find their way into the hands of an eagerly awaiting art lover.  Check here to see where the closest Art-O-Mat is to you.  If there is not one close to you, see if you can get one in a museum or gallery in your town.   You'll find cool stuff like this in the machines from over 400 different artists.
I wonder if people will email me when they buy one?  It will be fun to hear where these little guys end up.


The first time I heard about Art-O-Mat I fell in love with it.  Old cigarette machines turned into art machines!  Being an ex-smoker and an artist...a "match" made in heaven.  Yesterday I visited my first Art-O-Mat in Boca Raton, Florida.  I plan to check out the two machines in Miami soon too.

This is the Art-O-Mat machine at the Boca Raton Museum of Art.
A bit blurry, but at this point I  found out I couldn't take any more pictures inside.
 So I moved outside to take a picture of the cool Art-O-Mat coin that I paid five dollars for.
 Of course I couldn't get just one! I got four.
Back at home to get a closer look.  I love them all.
Cool "lomo" photography from Matt Larson.
A cute handmade book by Sue Clancy and Judy Sullens.
A beautiful porcelain clay necklace stamped with the word 'art' stamped on it by Marilyn Kirk.
Cactus Blossom Basket. A unique basket made from cactus blossoms with gems.
Art-O-Mat likes my art and wants it in their machines! yay.
Here's what I've been working on for my Art-O-Mat art.
It's a series called 'Speak Love'. Since they come on little blocks I thought it was a perfect size as a reminder to speak love to those around us and also to ourselves.  My blank blocks should be arriving soon. I'm excited to get my first batch of 50 out to the machines!

Miami artists

One of the things I love most about being in South Florida is the art scene.  Not that I'm into an 'art scene' per say, but I love that people care about art and there is always an art show to go to and get inspired!  I love meeting new artists and learning about their creative process and what makes them tick.  And of course, the more artist I meet and know, the more sane I feel.   Over the weekend Tommy and I saw a great show at Iron Side(a gem).   Our friends Russ Ronat and Marcelo Daldoce had some gorgeous art at the show.  I have to show pictures and tell everyone which pieces I want to buy someday. 
 I met Marcelo when we were drawing at a Sketchy Miami Party.  I love the colors he uses in his portraits and how the brilliant pigments just drip off the page. very dream like.  Tommy and I both want to add his self-portrait to our collection someday.
 Marcelo, me and Tommy hanging out
 And there was a fire show!  It got hot in there.  A gorgeous gal performed yoga, danced and meditated. I didn't get her name though.

 This was the first time we saw Russ's art and of course love it.   The layering effects he uses give the paintings a great rich depth and make them interesting to look at.  Tommy likes the dark brown beetle the best and my favorite is the deep, bright blue beetle, although they look so great as a set.

 Russ is planning a trip around the World! He leaves next month.  Hearing him talk about his plans makes me think of what I would pack on a trip like that.  I can't wait to see what art he makes from his trip.
 like the 'room divider'?
 And of course we had to end the night at the Mac'n truck. Our favorite vegan food truck. (the only vegan food truck in Miami as far as I know)
 They love me.  I got my very own Mac'n hat!  I love them too.
Francesca hard at work and Mark looking kinda creepy in the window ;-)
We had another fun night in Miami looking at beautiful art and hanging out with awesome people.

The Three Sages

I finished the sage etchings/carvings (the beginnings can be seen in this earlier post).  Tommy and I have so many people that have positively influenced our lives, it was hard to pick just three.  After weeks of debate we decided on our top three: Ken Wilber, Ram Dass and Wayne Dyer. All living sages. All have a slightly different take and perspective on life and have helped us grow so much.  Now we are always reminded of their wisdom when we see them above our couch...I like how they came out.

Do you have anyone who has positively changed your life?  Who is? and have you told them?

Miami Beach Sketchbook completed!

Another sketchbook complete for the Brooklyn Art Library!This one is about my time in Miami Beach. (My last sketchbook was about Portsmouth).   I tried incorporating more color (via colored pencils).  I like how it came out. Of course it's filled with my favorite places and things in Miami Beach.  It's a bit smaller than the Portsmouth book so I had to edit it down a bit.  I could have filled it with so much more.

Here it is:

There's always a push to finish towards the deadline and it's usually bittersweet to part with it. Since this is my second one, it was a bit easier...just a teeny bit. Starting in April 2012 it will tour the World! See if it's coming to your city or country here. Let me know what you think too!

Ram Dass

Our new apartment space has inspired a new series for our walls.  I'm moving some old art out and decided to make a three part series on people who have and still do inspire Tommy and I on a spiritual level.  I finished the first piece of Ram Dass. I listened to several of his talks while I carved/etched the paper and I was so excited to make this I did it all with a dull blade. ha. my fingers were numb for a week, but it was worth it.  I've got fresh blades for the next two pieces.  hooray.

close up

Christmas sketchy

I know this post is a little late being that it is after Christmas, but I still wanted to share this Chritsmas Sketchy I did for Sketchy Miami.  I wanted to do more but we were in the middle of moving to a new apartment.  The dust is starting to settle in our new place and I'm getting inspired to make new art! yay.
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas :-)

Here is the Christmas sketch of Daniel Ortiz:

Color edition Halloween Sketchys

                                                              Korin Bukowski
   Rachel Tuckerman   
Todd Cervini

Geoffrey S Shideler

I made a special color edition of Halloween Sketchys.  I just may include these in the raffle prize at the next Sketchy Miami Halloween Party on October 29th!   I have a special drawing in mind that I'll be working on in the next couple days that I am excited about...stay tuned.

Halloween Sketchys!

Brian Butler
 Elizabet Chacon
Amelia Arce
 Sisco Perez

Here are some fun Halloween sketches I drew for Sketchy Miami.   I really had fun making these –  The Halloween theme really made me get creative.;)

New Sketchy Miami sketches

After a vacation, running a half marathon in Colorado, and having company over for a week...I'm back to the drawing table.  Here's a few more sketches I did yesterday.  It feels good to be drawing again.  Didn't think I'd miss it, but once I started and finished one, I did two more, all in one sitting!

Adriana l

Katya Bravo

Melissa M

Sketchy Miami Party #2 August 12th 2011

 A bucket full of colored pencils...heaven!
 All those beautiful colors
 Getting settled at my drawing table. holding up the postcard of my drawing :-)
 Getting warmed up. Tommy practicing drawing me ;-)
 Cuqui (pronounced cookie) was my first and fabulous sketch of the night.
 Cuqui is an art lover who promotes the Bird Road Art District  which has an art walk every third Saturday of the month.  I plan to visit this weekend. yay
 Lots of sketching happening.
Lucinda Linderman and Karla Caprali
 sketching in progress
 more progress
 done.  This is Renee.
 Tommy and Hannibal make some sketches of their own :-)
There were lots of wonderful photographers whizzing around everywhere. 
 These gorgeous picture are from Tomas Loewy
more from him here

These two pictures are from Soul of Miami
Over 1000 people came to the party. Fun was had by all.
More write ups and blog posts about the party here, here and here.

Sketchy Miami Party tonight!

I'm excited to meet lots of new people tonight at the second Sketch Miami party.  So far over 800 people have RSVP'd.  I'll be doing live sketches with a few other artists.  Should be a great time. And of course, I'll be posting lots of pictures tomorrow :-)