Christmas sketchy

I know this post is a little late being that it is after Christmas, but I still wanted to share this Chritsmas Sketchy I did for Sketchy Miami.  I wanted to do more but we were in the middle of moving to a new apartment.  The dust is starting to settle in our new place and I'm getting inspired to make new art! yay.
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas :-)

Here is the Christmas sketch of Daniel Ortiz:

New Sketchy Miami sketches

After a vacation, running a half marathon in Colorado, and having company over for a week...I'm back to the drawing table.  Here's a few more sketches I did yesterday.  It feels good to be drawing again.  Didn't think I'd miss it, but once I started and finished one, I did two more, all in one sitting!

Adriana l

Katya Bravo

Melissa M

I moved to Miami Beach!

Well my hubby and I are in Miami Beach!  Living here.  It was a pretty easy move since all of our stuff went to storage.  We're in a furnished place while we explore the area and find a spot to call our own. In the mean time, thanks to a new awesome Miami Beach friend, I've discovered a project called Sketchy Miami.  How cute is that?  The idea is to draw a portrait of everyone in Miami.  If you live in Miami upload a picture and a local artist will sketch you. If you're a local artist, pick a picture to sketch and upload it.  They have sketchy parties as well.  So much fun!  We are encouraged to sketch people we don't already know to promote mingling. I plan on sketching a few portraits. Here's my first one, her name is Kayla...