New Growth Sketchbook

I'm working on my new sketchbook for the 2013 Sketchbook World Tour.  I'm taking a much different approach to this book than I have the other two in past years.  This one is starting off with an embroidered cover.  Although quite time consuming, I'm liking how it's coming out and it's somehow very comforting and calming to make. I started it during the Colorado fires while talking with family that had to evacuate.  It was then I had the idea to make this book about new growth.  Here's how it looks so far:

What do you think?  Do you have any thoughts about new growth? any inspirational quotes?

new sketches

I've already started to fill up one of my new sketchbooks I bought in Brooklyn.  Here's the evidence...

I get excited once a new book has been broken in.  Sometimes it can be a lot of pressure to mark that first page of a new book.  I usually skip the first few pages, but this time I started right on the front cover!  surprised myself.  Think about a time you've surprised yourself and remember that next time you're facing a 'blank page'.