Pictures from this weekends Open Studios

A huge thank you to everyone who came out in the super cold weather this weekend to the open studios and MODBO show!  The Vegan Society of Colorado Springs really made it a party with amazing homemade vegan cheeses, wine and great peeps!

Here's some pictures from the night:party4My cute hubby, Tommy, was tending bar.

party5A great quartet of street carolers surprised us with songs.  They joined right in seamlessly with my brother JJ.

   party6My brother JJ, who sang beautiful songs and carols all night.  I missed a lot of his songs being in my studio most of the night...I need my own personal concert now JJ ;-)

carolers in saks buildingThese hallways haven't been so busy since the early 1900's!

partychesseThe homemade vegan cheese came out amazing!  The brie wrapped in filo was my faaaavorite! I must learn how to make this stuff!

    party7Big huge thanks to Tinya and all the peeps at the Vegan Society of Colorado Springs!

party1Some art in my studio.

The pieces that are still available will listed in my ETSY shop later this week.

modbo small works 2013After the open studios was over, went to the MODBO was packed!  (This is a pic from pre-opening)

I'm so happy that this town has so much love for the arts and will come out to see and buy art on the coldest night of the year!

Happy Holidays everyone!