Opening night in Brooklyn

Our trip to the Brooklyn Art Library for the Sketchbook Opening was fabulous!  Luckily we got there early to check it out.  The space is beautiful, very organized and there were great goodies for sale, like blank sketchbooks, which of course I found two more I HAD to buy.
All the books were catalogued and behind a rope.   With a library card you can check out two sketchbooks at a time.   Tommy and I looked at around 20 books.  The smell in the air was sweet from the chocolatier next door, it lured us over to all that chocolate goodness.  It was like Willy Wonka's factory next door.  After our chocolate break we went back in for more sketchbooks.  There was such a variety of books and talent it's almost overwhelming.  I wish I could look at every single one of them.
It got so packed opening night, there was standing room only.  People came from all over.  I was surprised how many people there hadn't made a sketchbook but were there to look at them or had come to look at a friends book.  We went back the next day to enjoy some more books.   What fun!

Click here to see if if the tour is coming near you.  If you'd like to see my book just give them my name 'Jen Meyer' and the category 'If you lived here'.  Or check out some pictures of it from this post.

Take a look at a future sketchbook here.


Sketchbook Project Complete!

After 4 months of drawings and coloring, I have finished my sketchbook project!   I'm excited to mail it off to Brooklyn for it's tour, display and new permanent home in the Brooklyn Art Library.  A part of me is a bit sad to let it go after spending so much time with it.  But I guess if I kept everything I made I'd be buried up to my neck!    I hope everyone can make it to one of the tour locations.  There will be tons of sketchbooks to browse and lots of inspiration to gather.   I'm so excited to see what everyone else has made, and to go to New York of course!  Here's a few pictures to hold ya over...