Photo shoot with Oakland photographer Scott Murphy

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I've had the lovely experience of working with Oakland photographer Scott Murphy!

I can not tell you enough how nice it is to work with a pro and have beautiful images as a result.

Usually I'm not too keen of my own photos and images of myself, so the fact that Scott can take an image of me and I love it is....



So I'm sharing a few of my favorites here.

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Jen_Meyer (35 of 39)Downtown San Francisco

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The yarn installation in the skylight SHELTER was installed by artist Eric Rieger 'Hottea'.

It somehow matches perfectly with my color palette and that was not planned.

You can see more of his beautiful and laborious installation work here and here.

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A special thanks to Storefront which is where these pictures were taken and where my art is hanging on the walls until the end of April 2015.

If you are in the San Francisco area please stop by Storefront's headquarters to see the show.

49 Geary St Suite 530.

8:30-5:30 M-F

The building is full of beautiful galleries and amazing art.

Also a big thank you to my hubby, Tommy, for the extra assistance through out the day

and basically throughout my life .


Scott_Murphy_behind scenesAnd here's a behind the scenes shot with photographer Scott Murphy hard at work.