SugiPOP! at Portsmouth Museum of Art

*** showcasing cutting-edge Japanese anime, manga, comics and contemporary art -- runs through January 2011***

This show is a collaborative effort, featuring the work of nearly 30 established artists, and includes some awesome examples of original manga and comic art, plus original cels from somr of the coolest anime films made to date, like Cowboy Bebop and Princess Mononoke.

This show also features some original Edo woodblock prints from the likes of Hokusai and Kuniyoshi -- work that helped lay down the early foundations of today's modern Japanese style.

"Sugi", the Japanese word for "too much" or "excess", represents the extreme characteristics of Japanese manga and anime, which has then merged with the American phenomenon of Pop Art, to become SugiPOP!, a blend of Japanese and American contemporary art shaped and defined by over-the-top pop.

Cutting edge pieces have even been specifically created for the show, by such well-known personas as Mike Shinoda - lead singer from Linkin Park.

(more pictures after the jump.)

awesome epoxy work on this one.

"nice to meetcha."

pastry party.

you have to see this one in person to really appreciate the depth of it.

is the room too small, or is the bunny too big?

Astroboy anime cels.


About the PMA:

The Portsmouth Museum of Art is a community-centered museum presenting the work of emerging and established artists - local, national and international. We offer exhibitions and programs that educate the public about art, as well as to use art as a tool to generate conversation about current events, other cultures, social issues and a wide range of other topics with a diversity of viewpoints. Our goal is to enrich the local cultural landscape by developing partnerships, creating collaborative opportunities among artist and art organizations an by presenting a complete art experience that includes literature and poetry, performance art, film and other technologies and to initiate an on-going public dialogue around art.

Museum Hours:
Wednesday - Sunday 11:00-5:00
Open late Fridays until 8:00
Closed Monday and Tuesday

Location and General Information:
One Harbour Place
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Visit the PMA's website for more information about the show or to become a member! At only $25, it's a steal. :)

Harvard Art Museum

 Last weekend Tommy and I spent most of the day at the Harvard Art Museum. What a delight!  We got to see the best of all three exhibits.  Of course it was all wonderful, but my favorite was the last room upstairs.  THE most famous art I've ever seen in one room in my entire life! 
 I was surprised we could take pictures of most of the pieces. 
Self portrait by Van Gogh. 
Lichtenstein! always a favorite  
The original "moleskine".

Monet's Pear Tree.
One of Tommy's favorites...don't remember who did this one.
The Buddha Room
The last room full of Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, Picasso, Matisse and more, was so breathtaking.  All the pieces in that room were donated by ONE person.   Yes, all of that wonderful art was in one house.  It was donated to Harvard with one rule, that it all must remain in the same room at all times.
If you get a chance it's worth a visit. Definitely. And it's only $9!