My studio space

So I’ve been in my new studio for a few weeks now.  After getting the heat problem under control…I gotta say,  I’ve been really productive!  Feeling really inspired to paint, paint, paint has been a great way to start things off right in LA.  I can get messy in here and it's nice to see my finished paintings starting to pile up. Here's a few pictures of my new space and work:

painting at studioAugust 2015
painting at studioAugust 2015
abstract by Jen Meyer Art6
abstract by Jen Meyer Art6
yellows and teal
yellows and teal

And next month I’ll be opening my studio doors for the Inglewood Open Studios on November 14th and 15th, 2015.  If you’re in the LA area please do come by and say ‘HI’.

I’m a little nervous about opening up my doors…lots of people I don’t know in my personal space…but I’m doing it anyway.  Hopefully some good things will come out of it.


If you’re interested in purchasing any of the paintings shown, just send me an email.

What's happening

Another New Years resolution for myself is to get out there.  I can be an introvert when it comes to showing my work in person and especially drawing live in person.  But I find that when I do these things anyway, despite the uncertainty and fear that comes along with exposing myself as an artist to the World, I end up having more fun in the end and wonder what I was so scared about in the first place.  It ends up giving me more esteem about my work and helps me understand on a deeper level how to clarify what I want in life.  SO I'm not allowing myself to recluse into my studio for too too long this year.  I'd like to do at least one event every month and stay active going to other artists openings and museum exhibits consistently throughout the year. So here's what's on the schedule so far:

January 23rd 2015 :

Fame By Frame

I will be drawing live at the Fame by Frame exhibit party at the Bay Meadows Welcome Center.  This should be a fun event!  An instagram photo exhibit and contest. There will be music, food, and Silvi the poet!

RSVP here.


January 24th 2015:

I have donated a lots of art and prints for the silent auction to raise funds at the 1st year Anniversary Gala fundraiser for The Humane League.

Gotta support the animals :-)

Get your tickets now and join in on the cause.




And there will be more to come, I will update everyone as things pop up.
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Photo resolution

I'm off to a productive new year! One of my first goals was to photograph paintings that I have finished that no one has seen yet (well besides a very few).

I worked on most of these paintings last year in my studio in Colorado and finished them off here in California.

Now that I have photographed them...they are also listed for sale.  If you click on the titles of the paintings you will see more pictures and how to purchase.



Abstract-smear.couch.webres'Fog City'

abstract-whitesquares.couch.2014.webres'Abstract Squares'

Abstract.Repeatlives.couch-byJen-Meyer.webres'Repeat Circles'

Abstract.skyline.2015.webres.'High Energy'

Spirit-guides.owldeerpainting.couch.webres'Spirit Guides'

Triangle-absrtact.weres'Abstract Triangles'

two-sisters-abstract.couch.2014.webres'Two sisters'

 coffeeabstract.couch.webres'Abstract Coffee'

Have a wonderful New Year!

The Rob Sheppard Collection

brickwallphoto-of-Love-Call.WEBRESMy big painting 'Love Call' recently sold to a collector in London.  I am so excited to be a part of this collection.  It is a collection of strictly vegan art, by vegan artists! Mr Sheppard plans to exhibit his collection and and offer vegan food to promote veganism. His growing collection has a wide range of styles and art from these wonderful artists:

Find out more about his collection here, and on twitter and facebook .

Have a fabulous day!




The Enormous Tiny at Show #15 at Nahcotta

I've got nine pieces in the upcoming show:  The Enormous Tiny at Show #15  at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH.  Yay!  I love this gallery and I'm excited to show my work there along with some of my favorite artist: Laura Berger, Jennifer Davis, Susi Ghahremani, Jeremy Miranda, Dana Ray, and soooo many more.   If you are in the New England area, the opening reception will be on February 7th from 5-8pm.ETA #15 flyer FEB 2014 Check back in on their site as they will be uploading more pictures of the art as it comes in for the show!

Here's a picture of my pieces in the show:

eta15-final-pieces. by Jen Meyer.WEB

If you are interested in purchasing a piece,  Nahcotta's website is very user friendly or feel free to call the gallery at 603-433-1705.

Hope you can make it in person or at least take a little time to enjoy some of the artwork online!

Pictures from this weekends Open Studios

A huge thank you to everyone who came out in the super cold weather this weekend to the open studios and MODBO show!  The Vegan Society of Colorado Springs really made it a party with amazing homemade vegan cheeses, wine and great peeps!

Here's some pictures from the night:party4My cute hubby, Tommy, was tending bar.

party5A great quartet of street carolers surprised us with songs.  They joined right in seamlessly with my brother JJ.

   party6My brother JJ, who sang beautiful songs and carols all night.  I missed a lot of his songs being in my studio most of the night...I need my own personal concert now JJ ;-)

carolers in saks buildingThese hallways haven't been so busy since the early 1900's!

partychesseThe homemade vegan cheese came out amazing!  The brie wrapped in filo was my faaaavorite! I must learn how to make this stuff!

    party7Big huge thanks to Tinya and all the peeps at the Vegan Society of Colorado Springs!

party1Some art in my studio.

The pieces that are still available will listed in my ETSY shop later this week.

modbo small works 2013After the open studios was over, went to the MODBO was packed!  (This is a pic from pre-opening)

I'm so happy that this town has so much love for the arts and will come out to see and buy art on the coldest night of the year!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Madelife in Boulder

Madelife storefront Tommy and I found the coolest place in Boulder!  MADELIFE.  This shop is my new favorite place for all things jewelery, furniture and cool art.   They even host parties and flood relief fundraisers, classes and live music, and have tons and tons of hand made local goodies.  You guys, this place is awesome!

IMG_7634Gorgeous jewelry that I've only seen the likes of in San Fran and Portland earlier this year.  I've been wearing my new necklace from here pretty much everyday. love it.  That's me in the mirror.

IMG_7636I want that bed frame someday

IMG_7639That's Leah, the store director & curator of Madelife, there on the left and her lovely assistant Ali.

IMG_7640so. much. cool stuff!

And as of now I have a few original paintings on the wall and some prints available for sale at Madelife! yay

'Inside/Outside' by Jen Meyer at MadelifeI loooooove how my 'Inside' and 'Outside' paintings look on this wood paneled wall.

My favorite.

prints at madelife My lovely prints on display

prints at madelife 2

Along with other lovely prints from artists like Jason Thielke,  Berger & Föhr and lots more.

When in Boulder, you simply MUST go here and revel in the beauty and buy lots of cool stuff!

My new studio space and apartment

So Tommy and I decided to downsize from a 2200 square foot house to an 800 sq ft apartment.  After two months of downsizing our furniture and stuff (hello craigslist and goodwill) -we actually did it!  It's nice to have everything at our finger tips and less to 'take care of' as far as having a big house goes.  We love our new apartment!  It's cozy, quiet, faster to find my phone when I loose it, and it's super bright being on the second floor.  While I originally thought we could share an office, that was just not gonna happen once I took the measurements. Our desks took up the whole room!  SO, I've rented out a small room right downtown for my studio space.  And I love it!  I'm getting used to the driving to work thing and packing a lunch.  But- getting out and having a dedicated space for work outside the house is allowing me to get more done in a concentrated way.  No more doing laundry and getting side tracked with house stuff.  No more yelling up the stairs to Tommy every five minutes and distracting him too.  Although I miss seeing Tommy whenever I please, it's good motivation to get things done while I'm at the studio. At first I was was kinda bummed to give up my big home studio, but leaving for work daily may just keep me a bit more sane and able to relate to others easier rather that burrowing at the house for days at a time and forgetting how to socialize.  Knowing that I can still burrow when needed AND come to the new studio most days, just feels good.  I'm looking forward to meeting other artists in the building and having my home be my relaxing and rejuvenating sanctuary and my work be my work sanctuary.  Time will tell which one prevails over the other, but for now I am enjoying both of my new spaces.

Here's some pics of the new studio:

downtown studio7Basically half the room is my desk and the other half is for painting.

Studio doggie included.  That's Wasabi under the desk.  He's our newly adopted doggie. Love hims.

downtown studio8A painting in progress that I started at the house.

downtown studio5All my 'stuff' fits and there's a nice big closet next to the door.

downtown studio4This is kinda a dark picture, but you get the idea.

downtown studio3Plenty of paints!

downtown studio1I just love this old radiator! It is so beautiful and gets SUPER hot!

Oh and did I mention I'm right over a Starbucks and an Indian shop.  So I smell coffee all day and incense in the afternoons!

Pics of the new apartment to come...

Fundraiser for Mary's House AUGUST 30th 2013

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 3.00.43 PMPlan a nice semi-formal night out... and for a good cause too!  A fundraiser for Mary's Home which is a transformational housing program for at-risk single moms and their kids  A place for single moms and their kids, called CITY WE LOVE featuring Inocente Izucar and 2013 Oscar-Award winning short film, Inocente. I just recently found out about this's close to my heart because my mom was a struggling single mother until I was 8 years old.  So when I heard I could participate by donating art for a silent auction, I was thrilled!   This is the piece I donated to be auctioned at the even...

'Love-Call'-by-Jen-Meyer--High-res-for-web-fileIt's titled 'Love Call'.  It's a 3x3 foot acrylic painting.

The fundraiser is on August 30, 2013 at 7pm get your tickets here.

Feel free to pass this on :)




I Heart Denver Store

So Tommy and I came across this cool shop in Denver that is FULL of colorful art, cool furniture, trendy jewelry, quirky cards, handmade candles and soaps...all sorts of cool hip stuff.  ALL made and designed from people in Denver and Colorado.  Of course I had to send a submission to this place!  I'm happy to say they are now carrying three series of my prints!  If you're a facebook fan of mine, you've already heard this so sorry for the repeat, I'm still getting caught up on blog posts. The I Heart Denver Store is always looking for Colorado Artists to keep their inventory fresh.  So if you live in Colorado and think your stuff would go well in the shop-send a submission on their website here.

I forgot to take pictures while I was there so I borrowed this picture from YELP just to show you what the shop looks like:l Heart DenverAnyone could spend hours in there.

Tommy and I got a gorgeous wooden IPhone case, funny ass cards, I got some cute earring and there's so much more I wanted to get.

Next time I go I'll take some pictures to post of the cool stuff inside!



I am officially selling art on the West Coast!  It feels really good to say that too.  I've been selling originals at Nahcotta (my favorite gallery ever) on the East Coast.   Now my prints are available at my favorite Portland shop, Tilde!   Coast to Coast :) It's important for me to have a connection with the places I sell my work.   I have to love the place.  That way my heart and excitement can be there and hopefully that translates through to everyone and everything involved.

I've been meaning to write this post when we got back from our trip to Portland so it's old news for those following me on facebook...but here's more pictures!


IMG_5962I love all the artwork on the walls

IMG_5960Isn't it cute in there?

IMG_5959I bought some super cute earrings and some bracelets made from recycled flip flops!  Ewe- toe jam, right?  That's the first thing I thought, but they are melted down then twisted into pretty colors

IMG_5958Cute window displays

IMG_5957Tons of gorgeous bags.  I'm in love with this bag.

IMG_5956Debbe, on the right, is the store owner and is so wonderful to work with. I forget the other gals name (sorry other gal) .  But she was super nice and so pretty :)

Check out this shop when you're in Portland or browse through the site here





Blue-Vespa-WEB-res.8.5x11I have two scooter paintings going up at the next MODBO show.  The show is all scooter themed!  How fun is that?  Opening night is Friday, July 5th at 5:30.  I've always loooved Vespas, even though I've never rode one!   I saw these two scooters on a recent trip to San Francisco and decided to draw them. 

If you'd like to own a print of one or both of these- just click on the image and it will take you to my shop.   Orange-vespa-from-san-francBeep! beep!


Opening tonight at Marmalade at Smokebrush

I've selected a few of my small pieces showing at the Marmalade at Smokebrush Spring Show in Colorado Springs, CO.  'Bunny' and 'Speak Love' #18,#19,#20 and #21 by Jen MeyerOpening night is tonight 6-9pm.  If you're in the area please do come. These pieces will only be available to purchase at the show locally. If you are not local and would like to purchase* a 'Speak Love' piece, there are only a few left to buy at Nahcotta to have shipped right to your door.

*  All proceeds this month go to my grandfathers memorial fund.

Pictures from ETA #13 Show

Thanks to this super fan for sending me pictures of their art purchasing experience at Nahcotta.  I love it when people send me pictures.  Since I'm not close enough to see the set up in person (I reside in Colorado now), I live through these photos.

Thanks Amy!

2013ETA from amy

Don't they look so cute on the wall all lined up so neat and pretty?

ETA 13 pic from AMY

They're selling fast!

Amy's purchase ETA 13

Amy is one happy art loving customer!

Thank you so much for sending me the pictures and for all the love!


If you are interested in purchasing a piece while they are still available do check here.