My first ever Calendar!

Ok you guys, I'm pretty excited to announce... I've made my very first ever calendar! A 2014 Wall Calendar.

Here's a peek of the calendar goodness:

2014 calender cover

2014 calendar display by Jen Meyer

Each month has it's own 8.5 x 11 inch page with an illustration by me.

2014 calendar close up

My favorite calendars are the ones with boxed dates for notes and reminders, so of course that is the format I went with.  And with the help of my handy designer hubby, Tommy, I think they've come out quite perfect! (he even added US holiday and equinox dates throughout the year)

2014 calendar by Jen Meyer

You could hang one up on you're bulletin board next to your other important mail and things.  Put one in the kitchen, on your desk at work or give one as a gift.

They all fit on one thumbtack or nail...or you can hang all of them up at once!

2014 calendar January

I hope you love them as much as I do :-)

2014 calendar by Jen Meyer

The calendars are available as of right now!  They are one of a kind, made only for 2014 and each calendar is only $33 each!    Click here to purchase now. yay!