I'm coming out of the (art) closet!

OK. I'm finally coming out of the "artist" closet. Not only am I releasing my drawings for sale to share with the world (instead of hoarding them to my bookshelf), I'm starting a blog about it. I've never shared my drawings with the public before, so hopefully I won't self-combust by doing this. ;)Make A Wish

Here's the scoop...

This first series of illustrations were inspired by my sister Crystal. Her and her hubby, Andre came to visit Tommy and I this past Spring. We watched old home videos at Yaya's house and laughed and cried. The cutest was her 1st birthday party. Her cake had a dog made out of frosting. She loved dogs. In fact, 'dog' was her first word. She would jump and point and say 'DOG!' over and over whenever she would see one. Her stroller would shake all over and you'd almost drop her if she was in your arms cause her little legs would be kicking like crazy. She wouldn't stop screaming 'DOG! DOG!' until someone else recognized that we also saw the dog and that it was cute. Funny thing is, when she came out to visit us (20 years later) and we were touring them through Boston, she pointed at every dog we saw. And she told us over and over, 'I want that dog...no I want THAT dog.' And she didn't stop until we acknowledged that we saw the dogs and that they were cute. Some things never change ;0) My imagination started to think in pictures, what would my little sisters life be like with no boundaries and unlimited fun and adventure? My hope was to inspire her to do whatever she wants in life.

So, I hope you'll enjoy the thrill and tickle of excitement that little Crystal is having in her imaginative world of fun with her friends.
Dreams Do Come True
Up High

Spring showers


Red Line


Paper doll


Come Fly With Me





  Thanks for supporting me taking the plunge. And leave me a note or comment too :0)

All my love, XOXO Jen Meyer