Harvard Art Museum

 Last weekend Tommy and I spent most of the day at the Harvard Art Museum. What a delight!  We got to see the best of all three exhibits.  Of course it was all wonderful, but my favorite was the last room upstairs.  THE most famous art I've ever seen in one room in my entire life! 
 I was surprised we could take pictures of most of the pieces. 
Self portrait by Van Gogh. 
Lichtenstein! always a favorite  
The original "moleskine".

Monet's Pear Tree.
One of Tommy's favorites...don't remember who did this one.
The Buddha Room
The last room full of Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, Picasso, Matisse and more, was so breathtaking.  All the pieces in that room were donated by ONE person.   Yes, all of that wonderful art was in one house.  It was donated to Harvard with one rule, that it all must remain in the same room at all times.
If you get a chance it's worth a visit. Definitely. And it's only $9!