My studio space

So I’ve been in my new studio for a few weeks now.  After getting the heat problem under control…I gotta say,  I’ve been really productive!  Feeling really inspired to paint, paint, paint has been a great way to start things off right in LA.  I can get messy in here and it's nice to see my finished paintings starting to pile up. Here's a few pictures of my new space and work:

painting at studioAugust 2015
painting at studioAugust 2015
abstract by Jen Meyer Art6
abstract by Jen Meyer Art6
yellows and teal
yellows and teal

And next month I’ll be opening my studio doors for the Inglewood Open Studios on November 14th and 15th, 2015.  If you’re in the LA area please do come by and say ‘HI’.

I’m a little nervous about opening up my doors…lots of people I don’t know in my personal space…but I’m doing it anyway.  Hopefully some good things will come out of it.


If you’re interested in purchasing any of the paintings shown, just send me an email.

Pictures from the Enormous Tiny Art show at Nahcotta. show ends Ocober 1st.

Here are some beautiful pictures from the ETA show at Nahcotta.

A nice Portsmouth kinda day.

I just love seeing my art on the walls!

So. much. cute. stuff.

I could easily live in here.

Much thanks to Brett and Suzzy Cromwell of the Lowell Film Collaborative for taking these beautiful pictures! XO

and of course thank you to everyone at Nahcotta for putting on a wonderful show!  The next show at Nahcotta will feature Teresa McCue's work from Oct 5th-28th.

Miami artists

One of the things I love most about being in South Florida is the art scene.  Not that I'm into an 'art scene' per say, but I love that people care about art and there is always an art show to go to and get inspired!  I love meeting new artists and learning about their creative process and what makes them tick.  And of course, the more artist I meet and know, the more sane I feel.   Over the weekend Tommy and I saw a great show at Iron Side(a gem).   Our friends Russ Ronat and Marcelo Daldoce had some gorgeous art at the show.  I have to show pictures and tell everyone which pieces I want to buy someday. 
 I met Marcelo when we were drawing at a Sketchy Miami Party.  I love the colors he uses in his portraits and how the brilliant pigments just drip off the page. very dream like.  Tommy and I both want to add his self-portrait to our collection someday.
 Marcelo, me and Tommy hanging out
 And there was a fire show!  It got hot in there.  A gorgeous gal performed yoga, danced and meditated. I didn't get her name though.

 This was the first time we saw Russ's art and of course love it.   The layering effects he uses give the paintings a great rich depth and make them interesting to look at.  Tommy likes the dark brown beetle the best and my favorite is the deep, bright blue beetle, although they look so great as a set.

 Russ is planning a trip around the World! He leaves next month.  Hearing him talk about his plans makes me think of what I would pack on a trip like that.  I can't wait to see what art he makes from his trip.
 like the 'room divider'?
 And of course we had to end the night at the Mac'n truck. Our favorite vegan food truck. (the only vegan food truck in Miami as far as I know)
 They love me.  I got my very own Mac'n hat!  I love them too.
Francesca hard at work and Mark looking kinda creepy in the window ;-)
We had another fun night in Miami looking at beautiful art and hanging out with awesome people.