I am officially selling art on the West Coast!  It feels really good to say that too.  I've been selling originals at Nahcotta (my favorite gallery ever) on the East Coast.   Now my prints are available at my favorite Portland shop, Tilde!   Coast to Coast :) It's important for me to have a connection with the places I sell my work.   I have to love the place.  That way my heart and excitement can be there and hopefully that translates through to everyone and everything involved.

I've been meaning to write this post when we got back from our trip to Portland so it's old news for those following me on facebook...but here's more pictures!


IMG_5962I love all the artwork on the walls

IMG_5960Isn't it cute in there?

IMG_5959I bought some super cute earrings and some bracelets made from recycled flip flops!  Ewe- toe jam, right?  That's the first thing I thought, but they are melted down then twisted into pretty colors

IMG_5958Cute window displays

IMG_5957Tons of gorgeous bags.  I'm in love with this bag.

IMG_5956Debbe, on the right, is the store owner and is so wonderful to work with. I forget the other gals name (sorry other gal) .  But she was super nice and so pretty :)

Check out this shop when you're in Portland or browse through the site here





Blue-Vespa-WEB-res.8.5x11I have two scooter paintings going up at the next MODBO show.  The show is all scooter themed!  How fun is that?  Opening night is Friday, July 5th at 5:30.  I've always loooved Vespas, even though I've never rode one!   I saw these two scooters on a recent trip to San Francisco and decided to draw them. 

If you'd like to own a print of one or both of these- just click on the image and it will take you to my shop.   Orange-vespa-from-san-francBeep! beep!