Pictures from Nahcotta's Enormous Tiny Art Show #15

The pictures are in from opening night at Nahcotta! Thanks to photographer Michael Winters for these gorgeous shots of before and during of the opening celebration of the Enormous Tiny Art Show #15 in Portsmouth, NH.

I always wish I could be there and live in this space...

eta-winter_15I just love seeing my work on these walls!

Nahcotta ETA Feb 2014 picture credit Michael wintersIsn't this space just gorgeous?

Nahcotta ETA#15 by Michael WintersIt looks so peaceful and the lighting is perfect.

eta-winter_15,   If I could hang art in my house this straight

ETA15.mvcDoesn't it look fresh and inviting?

ETA.6.mvcEveryone's all bundled up a cold New England winter.

ETA.15.5.mvcI can feel the excitement and energy in there just looking at this photo.


In my experience, visiting  Nahcotta either in person or online will always leave you feeling better that you did before.

The Enormous Tiny at Show #15 at Nahcotta

I've got nine pieces in the upcoming show:  The Enormous Tiny at Show #15  at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH.  Yay!  I love this gallery and I'm excited to show my work there along with some of my favorite artist: Laura Berger, Jennifer Davis, Susi Ghahremani, Jeremy Miranda, Dana Ray, and soooo many more.   If you are in the New England area, the opening reception will be on February 7th from 5-8pm.ETA #15 flyer FEB 2014 Check back in on their site as they will be uploading more pictures of the art as it comes in for the show!

Here's a picture of my pieces in the show:

eta15-final-pieces. by Jen Meyer.WEB

If you are interested in purchasing a piece,  Nahcotta's website is very user friendly or feel free to call the gallery at 603-433-1705.

Hope you can make it in person or at least take a little time to enjoy some of the artwork online!

Pictures from ETA #13 Show

Thanks to this super fan for sending me pictures of their art purchasing experience at Nahcotta.  I love it when people send me pictures.  Since I'm not close enough to see the set up in person (I reside in Colorado now), I live through these photos.

Thanks Amy!

2013ETA from amy

Don't they look so cute on the wall all lined up so neat and pretty?

ETA 13 pic from AMY

They're selling fast!

Amy's purchase ETA 13

Amy is one happy art loving customer!

Thank you so much for sending me the pictures and for all the love!


If you are interested in purchasing a piece while they are still available do check here.

My next show at the Nahcotta Enormous Tiny Art Show Spring 2013 in Portsmouth NH

In my haste to mail off my new pieces for the next Nahcotta show, I forgot to take pictures of the pieces I made! Silly me. I did scan them but I'm not so happy with how those came out.   SO, I have the first piece from this series (it's going to a private collector) so I can at least show you that one and an extra one I have still.  I sent 16 pieces to Nahcotta for the Enormous Tiny Art Show coming up next week! All of the pieces are different colors but with the same symbol/message:

'Speak Love'

'Speak Love' by Jen viewEach original piece is appx 2.3 x 3.5 inches, watercolor and india ink, mounted on a bamboo board, ready to hang.

'Speak Love' by Jen Meyer.front viewAs you can see, I need a hand model.  Any volunteers?

'Speak Love' by Jen Meyer. side angle viewI just loooove the bamboo boards.  I searched and searched until I found these ones.  They are handmade in Portland. Aren't they beautiful?

'Speak Love' by Jen Meyer. back view

Each piece is titled, numbered and signed

They are a simple, small, visual message and reminder to speak love to those around us.  So often we get wrapped up in the annoyances and negative things that are so easy to point out all around us.  It's nice to have a gentle reminder to think and speak love to and about the people/things in our lives.  Even if they can't hear us, even if we don't know them, even if it's just the talk that is going on in our heads.  Speak Love.

Can you remember a time someone said something kind or loving to you?  did or does it still effect you in some way today?

Speaking loving words towards others can change the world.  As important as that is, I think it's even more important to speak love to ourselves.  That's right, to yourself.  How many times do we beat up on ourselves mentally, verbally or in action?  These little pieces of art are reminders to speak loving words to yourself too!

The show runs February 1-25th 2013. Opening night is Feb 1 st 5pm-8pm.

This is my favorite show and at my favorite gallery!  If you are even remotely close to Portsmouth, NH at all- it's worth the drive, every time.

If you can't make it you can see/shop virtually here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for supporting the arts!

Also-You may remember similar work I have done for the art-o-mat machines.  I wanted to continue that series on a more mature platform, the bamboo boards and curating make for the upgraded pieces you see in this show.


Pictures from the Enormous Tiny Art show at Nahcotta. show ends Ocober 1st.

Here are some beautiful pictures from the ETA show at Nahcotta.

A nice Portsmouth kinda day.

I just love seeing my art on the walls!

So. much. cute. stuff.

I could easily live in here.

Much thanks to Brett and Suzzy Cromwell of the Lowell Film Collaborative for taking these beautiful pictures! XO

and of course thank you to everyone at Nahcotta for putting on a wonderful show!  The next show at Nahcotta will feature Teresa McCue's work from Oct 5th-28th.