Large prints of my paintings are on the way!

 Large prints of my paintings are on the way!

After many requests for prints of my recent bigger paintings, I finally started the process of finding the printer, the right paper, the right photograph of each painting, the right inks, the right colors, the right price,  the right combinations of everything.  So far it's going well.  I thought I'd share a bit of the behind the scenes process...

test prints from microcrafts  Here's a few samples of different inks and paper combos of just a 5 inch section of the 'Untitled Zebra' painting.   Doing test prints of smaller portions of the painting is less expensive to print, faster, and you can get the idea of what you like with just a strip, like shown above.



large scale plotter microcraftsThis is how huge the plotter is.  A plotter is a fancy name for a huge printer.  That's Tommy standing next to it to give you an idea how large it is.

I'm currently in the process of doing another photo shoot of the paintings.

I should at least be able to take orders of prints of the 'Untitled Zebra' prints in time for Christmas.  The image size will be 24x30 with a white border for framing and in the $100 price range.

I will post more details as the process continues and let you know when you can officially order these big prints.


I hope everyone is having fun getting ready for the Holidays!  We've just got our first snow, about a foot where I live in Colorado!