My studio space

So I’ve been in my new studio for a few weeks now.  After getting the heat problem under control…I gotta say,  I’ve been really productive!  Feeling really inspired to paint, paint, paint has been a great way to start things off right in LA.  I can get messy in here and it's nice to see my finished paintings starting to pile up. Here's a few pictures of my new space and work:

painting at studioAugust 2015
painting at studioAugust 2015
abstract by Jen Meyer Art6
abstract by Jen Meyer Art6
yellows and teal
yellows and teal

And next month I’ll be opening my studio doors for the Inglewood Open Studios on November 14th and 15th, 2015.  If you’re in the LA area please do come by and say ‘HI’.

I’m a little nervous about opening up my doors…lots of people I don’t know in my personal space…but I’m doing it anyway.  Hopefully some good things will come out of it.


If you’re interested in purchasing any of the paintings shown, just send me an email.

I'm moving to LA

SO, I'm moving to LA.LA_Skyline_Mountains2 My hubby got a great job offer there and as artist, I can work anywhere. So, we are heading south.  I've loved living in San Francisco and have made many good friends here, ALL of which are invited to come stay with us in LA (not all at once though).  SO warmer weather, a new studio, a new apartment and new art to be Los Angeles.

I'll be cleaning out my studio here in SF in efforts to lighten my load for the move and not hold onto too much extra stuff.  SO if you follow me on these social media sights I will be posting items for sale in an unconventional 'art sale/yard sale' style, first come first serve.

Follow me here for the sales, giveaways and almost daily updates on instagram, weekly(ish) on Facebook:












Photo shoot with Oakland photographer Scott Murphy

Jen_Meyer (1 of 1)  

I've had the lovely experience of working with Oakland photographer Scott Murphy!

I can not tell you enough how nice it is to work with a pro and have beautiful images as a result.

Usually I'm not too keen of my own photos and images of myself, so the fact that Scott can take an image of me and I love it is....



So I'm sharing a few of my favorites here.

Jen_Meyer (4 of 39)

Jen_Meyer (11 of 39)

Jen_Meyer (12 of 39)

Jen_Meyer (21 of 39)

Jen_Meyer (22 of 39)

Jen_Meyer (35 of 39)Downtown San Francisco

Jen_Meyer (39 of 39)


Jen_Meyer (30 of 39)

The yarn installation in the skylight SHELTER was installed by artist Eric Rieger 'Hottea'.

It somehow matches perfectly with my color palette and that was not planned.

You can see more of his beautiful and laborious installation work here and here.

Jen_Meyer (33 of 39)

A special thanks to Storefront which is where these pictures were taken and where my art is hanging on the walls until the end of April 2015.

If you are in the San Francisco area please stop by Storefront's headquarters to see the show.

49 Geary St Suite 530.

8:30-5:30 M-F

The building is full of beautiful galleries and amazing art.

Also a big thank you to my hubby, Tommy, for the extra assistance through out the day

and basically throughout my life .


Scott_Murphy_behind scenesAnd here's a behind the scenes shot with photographer Scott Murphy hard at work.

San Francisco Art Walk

Just a quick post to let everyone know I'll be showing my work at 49 Geary St #530 (5th floor) in San Francisco for the month of April.

This Thursday is SF art walk and I will be there from 5:30-7:30.JenMEYER_PORTRAIT.2015I will post pictures once everything is hung and pretty on the walls.

Wish me luck!

What's happening

Another New Years resolution for myself is to get out there.  I can be an introvert when it comes to showing my work in person and especially drawing live in person.  But I find that when I do these things anyway, despite the uncertainty and fear that comes along with exposing myself as an artist to the World, I end up having more fun in the end and wonder what I was so scared about in the first place.  It ends up giving me more esteem about my work and helps me understand on a deeper level how to clarify what I want in life.  SO I'm not allowing myself to recluse into my studio for too too long this year.  I'd like to do at least one event every month and stay active going to other artists openings and museum exhibits consistently throughout the year. So here's what's on the schedule so far:

January 23rd 2015 :

Fame By Frame

I will be drawing live at the Fame by Frame exhibit party at the Bay Meadows Welcome Center.  This should be a fun event!  An instagram photo exhibit and contest. There will be music, food, and Silvi the poet!

RSVP here.


January 24th 2015:

I have donated a lots of art and prints for the silent auction to raise funds at the 1st year Anniversary Gala fundraiser for The Humane League.

Gotta support the animals :-)

Get your tickets now and join in on the cause.




And there will be more to come, I will update everyone as things pop up.
Be sure to follow me for more frequent updates on your preferred social media site or on all of them:

Photo resolution

I'm off to a productive new year! One of my first goals was to photograph paintings that I have finished that no one has seen yet (well besides a very few).

I worked on most of these paintings last year in my studio in Colorado and finished them off here in California.

Now that I have photographed them...they are also listed for sale.  If you click on the titles of the paintings you will see more pictures and how to purchase.



Abstract-smear.couch.webres'Fog City'

abstract-whitesquares.couch.2014.webres'Abstract Squares'

Abstract.Repeatlives.couch-byJen-Meyer.webres'Repeat Circles'

Abstract.skyline.2015.webres.'High Energy'

Spirit-guides.owldeerpainting.couch.webres'Spirit Guides'

Triangle-absrtact.weres'Abstract Triangles'

two-sisters-abstract.couch.2014.webres'Two sisters'

 coffeeabstract.couch.webres'Abstract Coffee'

Have a wonderful New Year!


FullSizeRender Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm doing a rare sale...Today only for Cyber Monday (historically the biggest online shopping day of the year). I'm offering 25%off everything in my ETSY shop. Yes, even the big original paintings.  Just use code:CyberMonday2014 at checkout to received your discount.

Let me know if you have any questions about shipping :-)

Happy Shopping!

Pop-ups and Holiday Shows

DSC_0466Hello Everyone! Here's a picture from my first pop up at Rickshaw Bagworks in the San Francisco Dogpatch neighborhood this past Sunday.  I really enjoyed talking with everyone that came by, it's nice getting out of the studio and talking to people in person.  I even sold an original painting and some prints which made me feel pretty good about trying out the pop-up scene.  It is a big time investment and a lot of work lugging artwork around, I'll say that.  It helped having Tommy(my husband) to help and our dog Wasabi helped out too-just by being cute and letting everyone pet him.

Next up for me is the ETSY Indie Holiday Emporium Show in San Fransisco this November 29th-30th at Pier 35.  If you're in the San Francisco please come by and say 'hi'.  There will be over 200 vendors and lots of holiday shopping happening. I'm trying out this type of craft show to see if it's something I'd like to do more of in the future.  And to encourage people to come out in person I have been slaving away making prints on panels 4x4inch and 6x6 inch to sell at the show AND will have buy two get one free prints for sale AND new original pieces for sale. yay.  I'll be posting pictures on instagram during the event if you want to tune in form afar.

Hope everyone is having a nice time gearing up for the Holidays and enjoying the season change.  This is my first winter in California.  It's been raining for two days and that's the first sign of winter here. I've got my furry slippers and sweater on!

Feel free to email me if you have any holiday requests or questions about ordering art!








The Rob Sheppard Collection

brickwallphoto-of-Love-Call.WEBRESMy big painting 'Love Call' recently sold to a collector in London.  I am so excited to be a part of this collection.  It is a collection of strictly vegan art, by vegan artists! Mr Sheppard plans to exhibit his collection and and offer vegan food to promote veganism. His growing collection has a wide range of styles and art from these wonderful artists:

Find out more about his collection here, and on twitter and facebook .

Have a fabulous day!




Pictures from Nahcotta's Enormous Tiny Art Show #15

The pictures are in from opening night at Nahcotta! Thanks to photographer Michael Winters for these gorgeous shots of before and during of the opening celebration of the Enormous Tiny Art Show #15 in Portsmouth, NH.

I always wish I could be there and live in this space...

eta-winter_15I just love seeing my work on these walls!

Nahcotta ETA Feb 2014 picture credit Michael wintersIsn't this space just gorgeous?

Nahcotta ETA#15 by Michael WintersIt looks so peaceful and the lighting is perfect.

eta-winter_15,   If I could hang art in my house this straight

ETA15.mvcDoesn't it look fresh and inviting?

ETA.6.mvcEveryone's all bundled up a cold New England winter.

ETA.15.5.mvcI can feel the excitement and energy in there just looking at this photo.


In my experience, visiting  Nahcotta either in person or online will always leave you feeling better that you did before.

The Enormous Tiny at Show #15 at Nahcotta

I've got nine pieces in the upcoming show:  The Enormous Tiny at Show #15  at Nahcotta in Portsmouth, NH.  Yay!  I love this gallery and I'm excited to show my work there along with some of my favorite artist: Laura Berger, Jennifer Davis, Susi Ghahremani, Jeremy Miranda, Dana Ray, and soooo many more.   If you are in the New England area, the opening reception will be on February 7th from 5-8pm.ETA #15 flyer FEB 2014 Check back in on their site as they will be uploading more pictures of the art as it comes in for the show!

Here's a picture of my pieces in the show:

eta15-final-pieces. by Jen Meyer.WEB

If you are interested in purchasing a piece,  Nahcotta's website is very user friendly or feel free to call the gallery at 603-433-1705.

Hope you can make it in person or at least take a little time to enjoy some of the artwork online!

Pictures from this weekends Open Studios

A huge thank you to everyone who came out in the super cold weather this weekend to the open studios and MODBO show!  The Vegan Society of Colorado Springs really made it a party with amazing homemade vegan cheeses, wine and great peeps!

Here's some pictures from the night:party4My cute hubby, Tommy, was tending bar.

party5A great quartet of street carolers surprised us with songs.  They joined right in seamlessly with my brother JJ.

   party6My brother JJ, who sang beautiful songs and carols all night.  I missed a lot of his songs being in my studio most of the night...I need my own personal concert now JJ ;-)

carolers in saks buildingThese hallways haven't been so busy since the early 1900's!

partychesseThe homemade vegan cheese came out amazing!  The brie wrapped in filo was my faaaavorite! I must learn how to make this stuff!

    party7Big huge thanks to Tinya and all the peeps at the Vegan Society of Colorado Springs!

party1Some art in my studio.

The pieces that are still available will listed in my ETSY shop later this week.

modbo small works 2013After the open studios was over, went to the MODBO was packed!  (This is a pic from pre-opening)

I'm so happy that this town has so much love for the arts and will come out to see and buy art on the coldest night of the year!

Happy Holidays everyone!