Trip to San Francisco

I'm catching up on blog posts!  A few weeks ago after Tommy's birthday we flew out to San Francisco for the How Conference Tommy was attending.  Thought I'd tag along.  I'd never been to San Francisco before and for some reason I still have to use spell check to get spelling right! lol.  Here's some pictures of the trip:IMG_6077Tommy's Birthday cake

IMG_6087Tommy in front of the James Bong building. lol


IMG_6099A bridge and a Gandhi statue.  (not the Golden Gate-although many are fooled my it)


IMG_6144A crazy street car ride!  Tommy almost got squished between two cars!


IMG_6151I was surprised at how many homeless people were on the streets (some very aggressive).  This woman (who was right by our hotel door) has a cat!  A homeless cat!



IMG_6278China town



IMG_6307A beautiful neighborhood park.



IMG_6335View from the top of Coit Tower


IMG_6342The fog was thick and fast moving.  We actually never saw but a piece of the Golden Gate Bridge.



IMG_6354The Beat Museum in honor of Jack Kerouac.



Danny Gregory with Speak LoveWe were scheduled to have lunch with one of my favorite artists Danny Gregory(the main reason I tagged along), but there was a schedule mess up, so instead I mailed him this little gift I brought.  That's him in the picture with my 'Speak Love' piece.  His book The Creative License is the reason I started drawing.  He has a super inspirational art blog I just found here.

If I'm going to be honest.  San Francisco was a let down. It smelled like piss for the first 10 blocks of walking, it was dirty and filled with not just a ton of homeless people, but yelling, shouting, crazy homeless people.  The public transportation is way confusing compared to NYC, Boston and Chicago.  Maybe I was still on a Portland high...but still...I was not impressed with San Francisco one bit.  And I usually don't voice my opinion unless it's positive-so that is saying a lot coming from me.

So far Boston and Portland are my favorite cities.  Still on my list to visit-Seattle, more of New York City and maybe LA.

Feel free to share some places you've enjoyed or not enjoyed in the comments.  I love hearing your stories

Have a great weekend!