3 Days in Portland

A quick three days in Portland, the place I've wanted to visit for years.

So much fun and lots of vegan eats!

Some pics from the trip...

IMG_5839Went straight to Portobello for brunch upon arriving.

A vegan haven!

IMG_5840Vegan Denver Omelet

IMG_5841Vegan Benedict

IMG_5842Delightful tort

IMG_5843Lots of these bubblers all over downtown

IMG_5844Celebrating the City of Roses and the recent parade of roses with this beautiful display of flowers.

yup. that is made from flowers.

IMG_5856I love all the cute sculptures around everywhere.

IMG_5871I like this boat

Let me tell ya, I've never know a doughnut place to be open 24 hours a day and ALWAYS have a line.  It was worth it.  VooDoo Dougnuts has a great vegan selection.  The Portland creme pie was my faaaaaavorite!

IMG_5900 IMG_5902 IMG_5903We got stopped several times walking around with this pink box, people asking us where we got those, they want to eat some...hee hee

IMG_5932I don't remember where I found this, but I have an old pachinko machine in my basement and I just love coming across these old machines.  I love the colors and designs on them, so vintage and fun!

IMG_5942vegan peppers and sausage at Sizzle Pie-so good.

IMG_5943I was shocked and amazed at the size of this place, an entire city block! with levels! and a poster sized map to get around!




My favorite shop in Portland AND they will be carrying my limited edition prints for sale, very soon. yay.

I loooove the jewelry, bags and of course the art in the shop!


Hunt and Gather was another cool shop, home furnishings and decor.

There's original paintings from Jessica Swift and Flora Bowley!

IMG_5969Jessica Swift's beautiful original paintings on the wall.

I just finished reading Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley which was fabulous.  I recommend it  for anyone wanting to loosen up and go with the flow in their paintings.

IMG_5973Flora Bowely's painting above the bed (the bright one).

IMG_5980Chilli bowl at Prasad.

Gotta love this place! It's in a yoga studio and has vegan and raw food menu.

me and Jess Swift ~Highlight of the trip~

I got to have lunch with Jessica Swift!!  Jess has so many cool projects going on you must check out her website and her new book The Declaration of You!  We had a great lunch, have SO much in common and she just may convince us to move to Portland-which won't be too hard because Tommy and I both love it!  We're already planning a longer trip back to do some more exploring.

IMG_5984New Portland stickers on our water bottles.

Lots and lots of love for Portland!