CindyLou Series

Last  fall I finished my darling series called 'CindyLou' .  I just realized I hadn't blogged about it yet.  My inspiration came from my younger sister Cindy.  This series was bubbling up ever since Cindy came to visit us when we lived in Lowell, MA back in 2009 and it came to a finish last Fall.  I shipped her one picture at a time (it's more drawn out and dramatic that way).   Visually, I wanted the CindyLou to be along the same lines as the very first series I did for my other little sister Crystal (The Crystdo Series), so they will maybe someday play together on paper.   Most of the inspiration for these are very personal but some are just lighthearted and fun.

'I Heart White Fros'

I'm always trying to get her to release her 'white fro' and let it be free and wild.  It's beautiful.


'Geisha #1'

She has a love for language and especially for Japan.


'Geisha #2'


'Little Indian'


 'Love that Sound'





When asked why she doesn't eat meat she simply replies, "I don't eat my friends".

My husband and I both became vegetarian after her visit.

'I Heart Books'

We spent hours in book stores and libraries on her trip.  Both of us love books.



'The Pack'

'The Outback'

When we were younger and lived in Texas, Cindy (about 5 years old at the time) used to disappear in the field (that we entitled 'The Outback') behind our house and come back with arm fulls of wild flowers.

So that's my CindyLou series.

Where do you get your inspiration?