Twitter Contest #1

Hi everyone! As some of you may know, I've recently joined twitter under the name @jenmeyerart, and will be tweeting and posting about all things art-related, things that inspire me, projects I'm working on or just interesting websites from other artists I come across.  If you're into twitter, hit me up and say hi!

Also, to celebrate my new twitter account, I'm giving away 3 free 'TweetBook' Notebooks, handmade by me, to write or draw anything you want while you're on the might even want to make notes about what you want to tweet about when you get back to your computer! ;) (normally sold for $14 each on Etsy.  See more here.)

There are two ways to enter the contest (don't worry, they're both really easy):

1) Subscribe to my blog. See the subscribe button to the right? Just click it!
(if you're already subscribed, just leave me a comment)


2) Follow me on twitter and retweet this post:

RT @jenmeyerart is giving away 3 free TweetBook Notebooks! Click here to enter: #contests

That's it! remember, I'm giving away three TweetBooks and you get to choose your favorite color (pink, green/yellow, blue/pink, orange, green, green/pink, or blue/pink), so good luck and happy tweeting!

Winners will be picked at random when followers/subscribers reach 200+ and will be notified via DM or email. I will mail it to you for free!